What’s the point then?

So I have a constant stream of things I at some point think I want to achieve, and not the best track-record for achieving them. There are various reasons for this which I’m hoping to explore in an effort to try to make some real, sustained progress.

How am I going to handle things differently this time? The most important thing I think I need to understand first is:

What do I really want to achieve, and why.

My more immediate goals include:

  • implementing strategies to work towards financial independence
  • technological confidence and knowledge consolidation
  • learning to use my body better – feeling strong and flexible and injury-free
  • musical pursuits – guitar/piano/singing – something to exercise the other side of my brain

And surrounding these things are a seemingly never-ending list of supporting/rewire-the-brain goals

  • developing and maintaining good habits
  • time management and streamlined organisation
  • understanding and implementing the learning strategies that will fit me best
  • reducing my over-sensitive stress mechanisms that have the tendency to paralyse me
  • working through my self-limiting beliefs and building my self-confidence

That’s quite a lot of ‘what’s. How about why?

I’ve been listening to quite a few podcasts lately – particular love Financial Mentor and also Mad Fientist – and advice that pops up regularly regarding the aims of Financial Independence, is to get a clear picture of the life that you want to live and who the person is who is able to achieve that goal. Setting a strong intention for yourself allows you to not look upon certain decisions as a ‘sacrifice’, but rather as a stepping stone towards the life that you really want. It allows you to critically evaluate the value proposition of decisions, not just with money, but perhaps more importantly, with your time and your energy. In some ways it can actually save you a lot of decision-making energy – being clear with your long-term goals allows you to say no to the things that don’t fit with your direction, without needing to mull over something for too long.

So why do I want to achieve the goals that I want to achieve. In the end I’d say it’s about peace of mind, freedom of time and energy, and it’s about building self-worth and satisfaction. I’ll have to dig into these topics a little more later.

With some of these goals in better shape, I also hope that this will allow my brain to unclench and to feel more present and connected to the world and look further into ways to give back. Right now I do feel I have to be selfish and get my own house in order.

Much work to do 🙂

Let’s start again.

My idea with this is just to have a place to log down ideas, thoughts, questions I have as I continue along my journey of self-improvement. 

Something I wrote to myself back in 2014 which I still don’t seem to have got the hang of is:

“You can do anything if you don’t try to do everything.”

That’s always been my issue – getting triggered by something, getting a hit of motivation, followed by spurts of different inspiration, leading to a long list of things I want to achieve, followed by attempts to achieve all of those things at once, followed by exhaustion, mild burn-out, depression at feeling like I can’t do anything, and then giving up. 

I’m currently about 1.5 weeks into my latest attempt, and still in the ‘very inspired’ part of the cycle, characterised by the fact that I’m typing this at 11:58pm, having woken up at 6:30am this morning, with vague hopes of waking up at 6:15am. Naturally I’m hopeful that this time I will actually make significant lasting change, but time will tell 🙂